Jack Allen's Kitchen

Recently i bought a new (to me) camera: a Canon EOS M50 and i tested it out at my favorite dinner spot, Jack Allen's Kitchen. I’m in looove! It’s so light weight and fits perfectly in my purse. My presets acted a bit differently but it could’ve been I’m just not used to editing photos taken in such low light. I’m excited for our next food adventure!

Gloomy Saturday

Despite the weather being gloomy (like seriously cold and drizzly), G and i went out. We had breakfast at iHop. It's been so long since i've had breakfast there! I got the multigrain pancakes. They were delish! The wait was a bit long but so worth the wait.

Afterwards we went to Barnes & Noble. We found some good things but the book i wanted was $18. If you know me, that's a bit too much for my thrifty self. So we headed to Half Price Books and i found an older edition of the same book for $8. Score!

Now we're at the apartment and G is making dinner: roasted chicken with potatoes and asparagus. Can't wait to dig in!

PS. One thing i want to get better at is writing so this is day one of my blogging journey. I will be closing down my photography site that i hardly use and move here. I hope you'll join me on my daily adventures!

San Antonio, Texas

Earlier this year, I took a solo trip to San Antonio, Texas. I booked a hotel room for a couple of days and just spent time alone. At first it was scary because I have never really traveled alone, especially in a city i’m not familiar with. The times i’ve been in San Antonio, i’ve tagged along with friends who either lived there or we took a daytrip together.

I learned something during this trip: i can be alone and i can be happy. Growing up i was always afraid of being alone, being forgotten, being ignored… i’ve carried this anxiety with me through adulthood but i really embraced alone time on this trip! I shopped for clothes alone, i drank coffee at the café alone, i ate dinner at a restaurant alone. It was so refreshing!

Here is a small collection of my favorite photographs from my first roll. Stay tuned for part two!

Omi's Blackberry Farm

I wanted to take mum out for some fresh air since she’s been cooped up at home since mid-March (Thanks, COVID-19!) But I also wanted to be safe at the same time. My boss recommended going to Omi’s Blackberry Farm in Paige, Texas. Best decision ever! It was outdoors and there was plenty of social distancing happening. Also, it was just us and two other families on the entire farm. This was a good opportunity to take some photos of mum. She usually doesn't like being in front of the camera but she made an exception! Our reward: almost 2 pounds of delicious blackberries!

Food Photography

 Last summer I spontaneously signed up for a food photography workshop. I hadn’t taken a photography class since i took a darkroom in my teens. It was so much fun!

The workshop took place at Confituras, a lovely bakery in south central Austin, and our instructor was Travis Hallmark, a Culinary and Culture photographer. We learned a bit about styling, composition, and photography techniques and the workshop was for all skill levels from cellphone to dslr, which made it less intimidating!

This workshop definitely inspired me to explore food photography. I’ll share some of my photos in this space soon!

The links

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