Omi's Blackberry Farm

I wanted to take mum out for some fresh air since she’s been cooped up at home since mid-March (Thanks, COVID-19!) But I also wanted to be safe at the same time. My boss recommended going to Omi’s Blackberry Farm in Paige, Texas. Best decision ever! It was outdoors and there was plenty of social distancing happening. Also, it was just us and two other families on the entire farm. This was a good opportunity to take some photos of mum. She usually doesn't like being in front of the camera but she made an exception! Our reward: almost 2 pounds of delicious blackberries!

Food Photography

 Last summer I spontaneously signed up for a food photography workshop. I hadn’t taken a photography class since i took a darkroom in my teens. It was so much fun!

The workshop took place at Confituras, a lovely bakery in south central Austin, and our instructor was Travis Hallmark, a Culinary and Culture photographer. We learned a bit about styling, composition, and photography techniques and the workshop was for all skill levels from cellphone to dslr, which made it less intimidating!

This workshop definitely inspired me to explore food photography. I’ll share some of my photos in this space soon!

The links

Confituras · Travis Hallmark · Holland Photo

My Camera Bag

I started my digital photography journey during the summer of 2018. I’ve never been one to have too much gear, even in my film days. Below is all the gear I own, including my camera bag.

The Bag

I. LOVE. THIS. BAG. The Claremont is the camera bag I’ve been looking for my entire life! It’s beautiful, feminine, and it doesn’t look like a lunch bag, which is what I feel like most camera bags look like. It goes so well with dressy outfits or casual ones. If you head over to Lo & Sons’ website now, you can sign up for their mailing list and receive a 15% discount.

The Claremont by Lo & Sons

The Body & Lenses

Now, for my camera body and lenses. My Nikon d750 is my first DSLR and I went big. Really! When I have to carry this camera for more than 2 hours, I dream of switching to mirrorless but honestly, I love this camera too much. For my lenses, I have a 50mm and an 85mm. The 50mm is perfect for close-ups and the 85mm for events! I just need a wide angle lens and my collection will be complete.

The Rest

Other items in my camera bag are a Sekonic light meter and my latest purchase: the Peak Design SlideLITE camera strap. A review is in the near future!